Petition to Replace Lattice Power Transmission Towers with Monopoles in Watsonia Town Square Precinct

Monopoles to Replace Lattice Power Transmission Towers in Watsonia Town Square Precinct.  The Watsonia Town Square development will be within the vicinity of the library and the Watsonia Road, Morwell Avenue, Ibbotson Street intersection. Currently, the site is overshadowed by large lattice power transmission towers.
The Watsonia community has been allocated $5.5 million to make Watsonia more liveable and developing the town square precinct is an important part of this. The outcome we desire for our thriving neighbourhood is to create a space for families to play, for friends to meet, businesses to flourish, and for the village to connect. We now have an opportunity to improve this area even more so and increase the usage and ambiance of the area by removing the lattice power transmission towers and replacing them with slimline, elegant monopoles on the west side of Watsonia Road.
We are not asking for monopoles instead of the Town Square but are requesting the Victorian State Government to fund the additional costs to remove the lattice towers and replace with the monopoles. Monopoles are far less obtrusive, creating a simpler skyline for Watsonia and a more liveable community space.
When we consider the future of our community, how do we picture Watsonia? Do we really want to see the power transmission towers in the center of our new Town Square? This is now the chance, and a once in a lifetime opportunity, to act and join as a united community, united Council, and united Government to achieve the best outcomes for our suburb, our neighborhood, our future, our Watsonia.
To show your support, please follow the steps below to sign our petition. 
Artist’s impression of a concept of the proposed Town Square area with the lattice towers removed and replaced with monopoles.